Pray that Jesus Christ/God/Holy Spirit can heal you from your disease!

When your physician says, “you have two to four months to live”, it is the right time to build a great relationship with God!

The whole idea about this website is to let you know that you can overcome your healthcare problems with Jesus Christ, God and Holy Power.

  I now believe we are here to help others. I spend much of my available time helping people with major health problems, letting them know that they too can win their battles as I was once in their shoes. I have witnessed many miracles in the lives of those I pray for.  It is in the power of prayer, Jesus Christ, and God that manifest miracles.

This website contains videos regarding the power of positive thought and healing. It is my hope to spread the message of the healing power of God, especially when western medicine and drugs have failed. I hope you spend time viewing these videos and follow the amazing people I feature here.     

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I know it isn’t easy seeing your love ones in a really bad health wise situation but you are their champions during this time.  I know it really hurts seeing them in so much pain, in a coma, thoughts in their minds whether they are going to make it, etc but you need to rise up on those tough times for them and help everything you can for them with a very positive attitude, ie. no negative thoughts or actions next to your friend/family having the serious health problems! Those negative thoughts really hurts them and their attitude!  They need a very positive attitude coming from you about winning this battle. This isn't easy changing their attitude is a very positive attitude and they need to know that they are going to win this battle, but that is your job!  

Please understand my writing isn't the best but I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you for your friend or family member with a serious health problem!  When I was in a coma for about 23 days, I have zero clue what was going on but I was hearing things in my room and negative things would drive my blood pressure off the charts but positive thoughts would lower my blood pressure to the perfect level. I could hear my friends and family in the room and it was making my vitals change with the attitude of the people speaking in my room. 

I know seeing your friend/family in a terrible situation in really tough, maybe they are in coma but you need to think that your friend/family can actually hear you!  Letting them know all the amazing things you can remember about them and the positive times you had with them. Maybe they will die but putting them in positive energy can make huge difference for them.  If you need to cry or having a tough time bringing positive energy into their room just leave the room and deal with your feelings outside of their room.

Remember, you are their champion right now!  If you see someone who bringing serious negative energy into their room or their lives, shut it down if you can, those negative energy is only hurting your friend/family during their worse times. Your friend/family will have a much better future will only positive people around them during their worse times!

I can only tell you what I have seen at my shelter where I have helped patients and families dealing with their situation in their lives. I had a family living out in my area and was staying at a motel waiting for their dad/husband to die. They ran out of money for their motel and their dad was in a coma and was supposed to die any day. He was breathing with machines and have lost all of his vitals. I went to meet them at their motel and they were very upset about not being able to stay until their dad/husband passed away.  I gave them two rooms at my shelter for free; but I have several things that I needed for them to get the rooms. I told them that their dad could still hear them and they needed to bring a positive attitude into their dad’s room.  He was dying but instead of thinking about themselves, they needed to spend their time with their dad/husband telling him about all of their amazing memories with him, this was good for them too.  If they needed to cry or having bad moment they had to leave his room and come back when they good deal with the situation and speak with him about those great memories.

His vitals had been gone for several days and the Catholic Priest has giving him his last rites. They actually started talking to him about their memories with him.  They actually enjoy thinking about those amazing times with their dad and husband. Anyway, it three days his vitals make back and he went home in eight days after that.  He was miracle from the hospital's point of view but that positive energy really helped him.  They stay at my rooms for 11 days and I will always remember them!  

Please keep positive attitude for your friends/family who are patients during these times! We have a loving God and we are looking for miracles for your friend/family!  If you can actually bring the positive energy to your friend/family you will see huge difference and miracles  do happen every day! 

God bless you

Just my thoughts!

  When I was trying to get better after my accident, I realized that all of the drugs that I was taking were very good, but they were not fixing my body’s problems, just expensive pharmaceutical band-aids. I decided that I didn't want all those pharmaceutical Band-Aids in my life and my body; so, I started learning about our bodies and realized that our bodies aren't looking for amazing tasting food, but looking for signals from our food so that our brains can work to their optimal capacity. That was one of the most amazing things that I realized during my research. Our brains are still using the same information we had 10,000 years ago and our brains our looking for signals from our food which enable our brains to work much better and help fix the problems originating in our bodies. Our biggest problem is that most of our food doesn't have too many of those signals that our brains are looking for!   

Personally, I believe so many of the terrible diseases really aren't that much stronger for our bodies to deal with but we don’t get the right signals for our brains to actually fix the problems and keep the diseases from getting a hold on our bodies. Our brains are amazing but without the right signals they just don’t works very well against those diseases, which gets those diseases get into our bodies, not all, but so many do. The food we eat now isn't the same food we ate 50 years ago, so many changes to get the food growing faster and bigger than before. Those changes are probably a major part of the equation as to why our current foods do not promote the proper signals for our brains.    

Think about fifty years ago and the people who lived longer without all of the diseases, worked much harder and died from old age. Fewer people were losing their memory back then and cancer wasn't such a common occurrence because our brains were getting the signals from our food to handle so many of those diseases. The rate of people getting cardiovascular diseases and cancer back then was minimal, but now it is extremely problematic. Diabetes was there but wasn't as exaggerated as it is now.    

During my research, I met some of the most amazing scientists. I talked with them at length about our food and spoke with them about the consequences of the industrialization of our food system. They told me that I was right and our food now is really a major reason for huge amount of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. happening throughout our population with deficient foods that do not have great nutrients, which is opening the doors for these diseases.   

I found so many amazing foods which actually have so many of those lost signals for our brains and when I started eating them, everything got so much better for my body and mind. I actually quit taking many of the pharmaceutical drugs because I didn't need them and verified that with my physicians before I quit taking the different drugs! I didn't have a short-term memory for ten years, so I didn't remember yesterday for those 10 years, but when I started eating the right foods with the right signals for our brains, my short-term memory came back. This was life changing for me!  I don’t remember those 10 years but remember most of the memories since then. My writing still isn't the best but I deal with that.   

I wish I good tell you about many of amazing foods and herbs that I have found which would give you the same amazing signals that have helped me so much, but I would probably get in trouble with the pharmaceutical companies! I am learning what I can say and I have several amazing things I wish I could give to you. I believe it would totally change your life but I don’t want to get into big lawsuit because I am telling you the truth and the pharmaceutical companies want everyone to be their customers!   

I will tell you that if you eat much healthier organic nature foods without all the new easy to grow foods types and DON’T DRINK TAP WATER, then you have a much better chance for your future!    


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I was hurt very badly in softball game years ago. I actually died at the field and again at the hospital. I lost about a fourth of my brain and I couldn’t breathe unassisted; I was kept alive with machines. I had major swelling in my brain and required brain surgery. I was left in a coma/vegetable state for 23 days. With no improvements in my state and very low brain activity the neurosurgeon said to my parents: “he doesn’t have a chance. His brain hasn’t been working for last three days. He will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.  We recommend pulling the plug on him and letting him died.” Luckily they didn’t pull the plug.

  I woke up two days later to some lady screaming and crying right next me. I didn’t know I was hurt and tried to help her but I couldn’t move my body. I was self-aware but utterly confused by my situation. I couldn’t talk. I was naked and tied down to the bed next to a woman that wasn’t my wife. There was a mirror in front of me. I saw myself and passed out. My neurosurgeon came back to my bed later and woke me up but I couldn’t speak. My daughters were 2, 4 & 6 years old at the time and they hadn’t seen me since the day of my injury. The next day I woke up to my daughters crying on top of me with a bottle that my youngest had put in my mouth. That was beginning of my new life.

   I had no short-term memory and had lost 72 pounds while in the hospital. I have immense gratitude for all those that kept my in their prayers and cared for me. I have been told that people around the world were praying for me throughout this ordeal and the hospital staff was amazing in caring for me when I couldn’t care for myself: these are my champions! I had been working in the healthcare business for many years but didn’t realize how amazing our healthcare system was until I experienced it first-hand.   

I was told that I would probably never speak again and that reading and writing were going to be tough. Now, I had three beautiful young daughters and I wasn’t going to let my accident ruined me so I spent my time learning to walk, talk, read and write again. It wasn’t easy! It took 18 months to get to the point where I could have an actual conversation and about 2 years to learn to write and read again. My speaking wasn’t good and my writing was even worse but you could understand what I was trying to say. I struggled with short-term memory for about ten years—I had difficulty remembering the previous day but I managed to help raise three beautiful young ladies, which was my passion.  

I realize that what I thought was so important in my life before my injury was totally misguided. Unfortunately, it took a traumatic brain injury to figure it out! I now believe we are here to help others. I spend much of my available time helping people with major health problems, letting them know that they too can win their battles as I was once in their shoes. I have witnessed many miracles in the lives of those I pray for.  It is in the power of prayer, Jesus Christ, and God that manifest miracles!

 David Langmas, The Langmas Group, Inc, Bend, Oregon